Lucy's Little Sphynx

About Lucy​

Lucy is a pedigree Sphynx, she is a Chocolate Tortie Harlequin Odd Eye. She was imported from Hungary and went through health checks and quarantine upon arrival. Lucy is HCM screened, and Felv/FVR tested to ensure she is genetically healthy to breed

* Next Litters Due Fall & Winter of 2024 *

Why Sphynx?

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a small, Southern California Sphynx Cattery for fun. My goal is to create positive relationships with my clients and spread the joy and love my Sphynx babies have given me and my family! Many hours go into the attention and care for each and every kitten, rest assured they are smothered with love from the moment they make their arrival into this world. Lucy and her mates are regularly health checked to ensure the healthiest of kittens. I offer a cage free environment, health guarantee and a beautiful kitten of your choice. I currently have two Queens I breed once a year ONLY (Lucy and her daughter Luna). I do not breed back to back. I do not cage any kittens or adults. I do not sell sick kittens. I do not inbreed. I pride myself on being completely transparent, ethical and moral when it comes to the care of my cats/kittens and the communication with my clientele.

Despite their alien like, sometimes grumpy faces the Sphynx breed are extremely loving! Each Sphynx has a bursting personality that is always ready to shine. They are very playful, attention seeking creatures. Sphynx cats are very loyal as your lap, shoulders and legs and any other body part they can use as their throne are simply their property! Despite what you might have heard Sphynx cats are very trainable. As a foster mom prior to breeding, my first Sphynx boy comes to momma as soon as he hears his name called. Unless it’s bath day, then it’s a search and seizure! 

Lucy’s Littles start at $2,500 and can range up to $4,500. Each kitten is uniquely featured in their own way. Pricing varies on eye color, body color/wrinkles and either traditional or elf ears.  All kittens come spayed or neutered, unless breeding rights are purchased. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required at time of reservation of your kitten and signing of contract. This deposit goes towards the total price of your kitten and deposits begin when the kittens are 4 weeks of age. The remaining balance is due at time of pick up via Zelle.

Sphynx as we all know are hairless, so their body oils are not soaked up by the hair as on your typical domestic cat. You always want your angel baby looking sophisticated and their best so regular cleaning is prudent! Our adults and kittens are weekly bathed with either Dawn dish soap or Johnson’s baby soap. You can of course do your own research on a brand that suits your kitten, this is what I use before you take your new baby home. Their ears require cleaning the wax and oil build up with q-tips. You don’t want to go too deep into their ear canal but you do want to clean as much as possible of what’s visible to the eye. You can also use q-tips to clean their eye boogies, be very gentle as to not irritate or cause excessive dryness. The nail beds are very important to clean as they carry the most bacteria, as you know cats dig and cover when using their litter box so once a week bathing is highly suggested as to avoid any potential illnesses. Sphynx more than any other breed of cat are experts at holding litter in those little shovels they call feet! Scrub in between their toe beans with the soap advised or researched, and once dry clip the sharp end of their nails. Q-tips are going to be a necessity in your home as it’s best to use them as well in the crevices of their nail sheaths to remove the fecal and oil build up.

Sphynx cats are not hypoallergenic as you would think. All cats produce Fel d 1 protein meaning there is technically no such thing as allergen-free or hypoallergenic cats. However the Sphynx breed is great for you if you have allergies to your typical domestic cats as they do not carry it in their fur. The saliva of the Sphynx is typically where they would carry the allergen that could affect you however the reaction can be minimal in comparison. They also carry it in their dander but if you are correctly caring for your Sphynx and regularly bathing once a week (please see our Sphynx Care tab above) you can prevent most allergic reactions. 

It’s our home, so in the event an appointment is necessary all appointments must be scheduled in advance with the breeder. How to reach the breeder is listed below.

Your new baby will be ready between 13 and 16 weeks. I ensure they are healthy enough to endure their spay/neutering appointment and vaccinations prior to going home with you, and that they have nursed mothers milk at least until 12 weeks of age. Kittens NEVER go home before 13 weeks, and typically are closer to 16 weeks in age when they do go home. Cases may vary.

We do NOT recommend declawing your cats. It is an unnecessary surgery that provides no medical benefit to your Sphynx. The Humane Society of the United States also opposes declawing except in rare cases when it is necessary for medical purposes. Declawing is not a quick fix for unwanted scratching. If you are properly caring for your Sphynx (please see our Sphynx Care tab above) you are recommended to clip your Sphynx nails once a week at bath time. Declawing your Sphynx can make them less likely to use the litter box or more likely to bite, it can also cause long lasting physical problems for them. If you are not aware of the traditional process of declawing it involves the amputation of the last bone of each toe. If a human was to be “declawed” it’s not as simple as trimming the nails, it would be like cutting off each finger at the knuckle! Sphynx as mentioned on our site before, are easily trainable, you can teach them to use their claws in a way everyone in the home can be comfortable. 

All kittens are sold as pets only unless breeding rights are purchased. Breeding rights are an additional $1,500 per kitten on top of the original price of the kitten. Each environment is screened prior to selling breeding rights. Breeding rights are sold to a cage free environment ONLY. Lucy’s Littles are NEVER to be caged per the signed, legal binding contract.

1. Scratching Post will come on most cat trees, you can find some good ones on Amazon.
2. Cat domes/homes and heating pads. Your Sphynx are naked so they love to stay warm in their heat homes!
3. Cat Carrier is suggested for the safety of your baby when they leave your home.
4. Food and water bowls
5. Dry and wet cat food. The breeder can update you on the specific brands your kitten has been eating while at the cattery. If you decide to change the brand or flavor, always mix the old and new for at least 4 days so their little tummies get used to the changes.
6. Litter box, we prefer the covered litter box and all-natural litter. Most of your commonly found litter at your local pet or grocery store contains Silica products. Silica is known to cause heart and lung disease. A list of all-natural healthy litters will be given to you at the time of pick up.
7. Litter scoop
8. Q-tips will be a necessity in the cleansing of your Sphynx. Please see our Sphynx Care above for more.
9. Cat Nail Clipper
10. Toys! Sphynx are very playful creatures, however sometimes you don’t need to spend much, just give them your hair tie or a plastic bag and they’ll be happy as can be!
11. Sweaters. You can make your own out of fuzzy socks when they are still small or purchase fabric and find outlines to sew by. You can find multiple Instagram pages for Sphynx that sell the cutest sweaters for your baby, ask the breeder upon pick up for a referral.

Each kitten comes three times vaccinated for FVRCP & FeLV. Each vet certified vaccination record will be provided upon time of pick up, as well as sent electronically after each vet appointment. It is the buyer’s responsibility to have one more follow up vaccination at the kittens one year of age.

How To Reach The Breeder?

Use our Contact Form below or please email me at, you can also send me a direct message on our official Instagram page @lucys_little_sphynx to start your journey to becoming a Sphynx parent.